The Estate

The Team of Villa Santo Stefano cordially welcomes you.

In 2001, Wolfgang Reitzle purchased the “Villa Bertolli” from the Bertolli family. Located near Lucca, it comprised some olive groves and a wine-growing area of approximately one hectare.

Since the Bertolli family had sold their trade name to Unilever as a label for olive oil products, Mr. Reitzle and Mrs. Ruge renamed the house and estate to “Villa Santo Stefano” to closely associate it with the nearby picturesque church of the 9th century of that name.

Today, the estate’s annual production, from the 11 hectares under cultivation, is around 30 000 bottles of red and white wine, as well as 2500 liters of top quality olive oil.

Information regarding the latest developments of our vineyard, winery and olive oil, as well as some interesting details about the agrarian tradition and history of the region, is available on our homepage.

The Team

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle

“In the own vine production only the first hundert years are really difficult.”

Nina Ruge

“This place is a jewel for me. It’s enriches me with love, peace and happiness.

Alessandro Garzi, Alessio Farnesi

& Dr. Petra Pforr

The manger of Villa Santo Stefano, the oenologist and the event and marketing manager are really a harmonic team.

Our Villa Santo Stefano Team

Our Animals

Every evening before sunset, I take a walk on Villa Santo Stefano to see my animals - Nina Ruge