Unser Olivenöl


It has an important and refined sheen, as if it were green gold. It has a delicate flavour with a slightly spicy aftertaste. It contains fatty acids in minimum quantities and it is among the few selected oils which can boast the much sought-after brand “DOP Lucca”. It already has a long series of important awards to its name: it is “Lucca Oil” from Villa Santo Stefano.
The climatic conditions and the quality of the soil, perfect for growing olive trees, have always been the key to the excellent quality olive oil from this region. The influence of the sea, which is just 20 km away, makes the climate of the area more temperate compared to the regions located further south, where the temperature range is more marked. Thanks to the action of the sun, the sea wind – which brings along a touch of moisture – and thanks to the slight elevation of the olive grove (270 metres) Villa Santo Stefano successfully cultivates 4 varieties of olive trees.

Our olive oil has received several awards Awards

Moreover, professional pruning techniques ensure that maturing olives get plenty of air and light for their perfect transformation into oil.
In order to determine the optimal harvest time, we check daily the degree of maturation of each variety of olives. The value of fatty acids is not the sole factor taken into account when determining the beginning of a harvest; however, to ensure that this value is kept to a minimum the harvest starts relatively early, which reduces the volume of the harvest by about 30%. In fact, at the time of harvesting the olives do not reach the maximum storage of water; in this way, the extract will be much more aromatic. We prefer quality to quantity!