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Our white wine GIOIA is produced with the Vermentino grape. VERMENTINO – this is the grape of our region, between Lucca and Liguria. And therefore our fruity-fresh white GIOIA is made from 100% Vermentino grapes. The vineyard with some 3,000 vines is located in a protected area close to the winery. Its southerly orientation and the proximity to the sea (20 km to the seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi) creates a special micro-climate which gives this wine its very special flavour.

The reduction of the clusters of grapes on the vine stock, careful harvesting by hand makes the winemaking process the same as for our red wine. For the fermentation we use high technology as well: computer-controlled stainless steel tanks regulate the temperature to 15-16 C ° in the course of the 15-to 20-day fermentation.

A balanced fruity and slightly mineral taste characterises the white GIOIA. The bouquet is dry and of pleasant acidity. The Italian word “GIOIA” means pleasure: we produce this wine with great pleasure – and it is an even greater “GIOIA” to enjoy it!


100% Vermentino-Grapes

Best maturity for drinking

immediately after release