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Wolfgang Reitzle had a dream; he wanted to create his own favourite wine, a wine which could easily keep-up with a Guado al Tasso.

He is now coming very close to achieving this dream. In the case of the premier wine from Azienda Villa Santo Stefano, Wolfgang combines the grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Merlot (40%) and Petit Verdot (10%). Each vine stock is limited to carrying 4 clusters of grapes in order to maximise the intensity of taste.

The responsibility for the care, harvesting, and individual selection of the grapes rests exclusively with our experienced winery staff.

A computer-aided high-tech system for grape fermentation was installed in 2014. It is used not only to maintain the fermentation temperature at precisely 27° C, but also to control the process itself, so that the natural characteristics of the grapes are preserved throughout the whole process, which takes approximately 12- 18 days.

Depending on the grape variety and vintage year, the wine is then aged for between 12 and 16 months in high-quality French barrique barrels in the Barrique-Room where temperature and humidity are controlled and set to exactly 15 °C and 83% relative humidity.

The wood from which barrique barrels are made has a direct and beneficial effect during wine maturation, because the barrels impart desirable characteristics to the wine during this phase. Recognising the importance of selecting only those barrique barrels that will best complement and bring out the desired wine characteristics, we use these chosen barrels for maturing our particular types of wine. After maturation in the special barrique barrels, the cuvée is composed and the wine bottled. Then, after at least 6 months, the wine is available for delivery.

The colour of the wine is dark red to deep ruby red and the taste is characterised by red forest berries, smoke tones and a hint of vanilla.

The structure of our LOTO wine is full, harmonious, elegant and versatile, as is expected of a great wine.


50% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Merlot 10% Petit Verdot

Best maturity for drinking

up to 3-5 years after release